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Hi, we have a lot of Sharepoint pages for different projects in the company. They all have different members and some have the same members. All depending of the nature of the project.

When an employee leaves the company, access to projects must be deleted. How do I do this in the most efficient way. It is too time-consuming to go into each individual project SP page.

Anybody know hvow to solve this challange for me?

Proposals for a solution are welcome.

BR Anne

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Hello @Sterner_AS 


are you sure you have pages and not sites per project? Do you have Teams or SharePoint only sites?


You can check the user in the M365 Admin Center and you can see the goupbs/teams, where the user is a member. Or check the user in Entra, you can also so see the groups.


Tool with permission reports: https://sharegate.com/permissions-management


Best, Dave