Organization asset library to share Corporate Office templates

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We've configured an Organisation asset library according the specifications given by MSFT.

Our Corporate Office templates (Word, Excel & PPT) surface as expected when using the Desktop version of Office.

When using the Office online version ( our company name appears on a tab within the list of "Start with a Template", we can drill-down in the folder structure (where we created separate folders to store Word/Excel/PP templates, yet only the Power Point templates show up, the Word & Excel don't surface (we get an empty folder, whereas the Word & Excel templates are surfacing when we use the Dekstop version of Word/Excel).

Anybody else experiencing the same w/ Office online?



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Hello @Eric Deferm 


same here, i will report this.


Regards, Dave

Hi David, did you receive allready any feedback from MSFT?
Will MSFT provide a solution for, or shall we be patient and wait for it till the migration to is completed :)

Hello @Eric Deferm


not yet, other friends can reproduced the issue, but no feedback at the moment.


Best, Dave 

Fot offie online, the templates only appear in PowerPoint online. Microsoft state "The organization assets library is not available in Word on the web or Excel on the web". Therefore this is not a bug but a design limitation. See Microsoft reference article for more information

Tx for sharing that info Nikki. Sad to hear assets lib templates only appear for PPT, a missed opportunity. Hope they amend that feature when becomes GA.