Organization asset library to share Corporate Office templates

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We've configured an Organisation asset library according the specifications given by MSFT.

Our Corporate Office templates (Word, Excel & PPT) surface as expected when using the Desktop version of Office.

When using the Office online version ( our company name appears on a tab within the list of "Start with a Template", we can drill-down in the folder structure (where we created separate folders to store Word/Excel/PP templates, yet only the Power Point templates show up, the Word & Excel don't surface (we get an empty folder, whereas the Word & Excel templates are surfacing when we use the Dekstop version of Word/Excel).

Anybody else experiencing the same w/ Office online?



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Hello @Eric Deferm 


same here, i will report this.


Regards, Dave

Hi David, did you receive allready any feedback from MSFT?
Will MSFT provide a solution for, or shall we be patient and wait for it till the migration to is completed :)

Hello @Eric Deferm


not yet, other friends can reproduced the issue, but no feedback at the moment.


Best, Dave