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How to enable all links available for tiles in a Quick Link web-part on a SharePoint Online page to open in a separate window, rather on the same tab or different tab. By default SharePoint links opens up on the same page and and any external links opens up in a different tab.

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This is currently the default behavior of the Modern Quick Links WebPart in SharePoint Pages.
You may check the below posts in UserVoice and Up Vote -

One of the alternative option is to build Custom SPFx WebPart as per your requirement.

Hope this helps.

@Swaminathan Sriram Thank you for your response. Is there any other ways to embed 

 Script tags in an embed webpart rather embedding it as an iframe-based.

Hi @Vaibhavv,

Modern Embed WebPart doesn't allow you to embed script tags in it.

You could use native browser feature to right click the links and Open in New Window, if that is okay, otherwise, please refer to the below SPFx webpart samples which will help you to get started. The below samples has the option to configure the links target to new tab but for opening the links in new window, you would have to further extend these samples -


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Hi @Swaminathan Sriram , Appreciate your support. My apology but could you please help me to understand how can i use those samples in my tenant as I am not from the core development background. Thanks.

@Vaibhavv  you won't be able to use SPFx unless you are a tenant admin, a source of huge frustration to me as I manage an intranet for 65000 people but access to SPFx is blocked by our IT operations.


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This is truly unbelievable that Microsoft has eliminated the option to open links in a new window. I would seriously like to be a fly on the wall of Microsoft product design meetings to see how they are so disconnected from reality when it comes to deciding what features to keep/eliminate from SharePoint. Such a disappointment. 

Hi - both of those UserVoice items are no longer active.
Could you refer me to where I can find active items on this issue?

@Leif Frederiksen they are on the new feedback portal at


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Thanks a lot - I have now voted for this :)
Hi Vaibhavv - An inelegant work around is to trick SharePoint into treating the link like an external website by generating a short URL in a service such as

@Gregory Frick 

Yassss *claps* thanks!

Thanks for the like :)
I voted for this as well. Note: there are several very similar 'open links in new Tab' posts. Truly asinine that this feature was taken away, yet within the Text web part you can check a box to open links in a new tab. Of course, they will probably take that feature away now also. ;)
You can also now open navigation links in a new tab (or will be able to if it isn’t in your tenant yet). That said, accessibility guidelines generally don’t recommend opening in a new tab on behalf of the user unless not doing so would disrupt the flow of work. So just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Opening in a new tab can be confusing on mobile too. So, while I suspect these features will be available in other places in SharePoint Online at some point, that doesn’t mean it is always a good idea to use them. So while I agree that I want these capabilities, I am also aware that they have the potential to create really horrible user experiences when available to people who don’t fully think about the implications.
You make an excellent point regarding mobile; I appreciate that clarification. The user experience from a desktop browser is my target audience for my application, and the general behavior to 'close' rather than use the 'back' arrow after you have navigated away from the initial site. By opening in a new window this is resolved--I'd rather have one too many Tabs open than to have closed the initial site altogether. And I also agree -- can and should are different and there should be thought behind the decision each time. This is why it is frustrating that the option has been removed.
You are 100 procent correct