Old sub-sites: traslate in folder with stop inherit permission or new sites connected to a hub?

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Hi, while mapping our old sites into components of the modern Share Point architecture we had a doubt: stop inherit permission for folder to simulate sub-site with folder or connect different new communication site to a hub?
In the old site there were areas where in each worked a different group of page authors with their own directories. With Share Point's modern architecture by default it is not possible to create several sub-sites within a single communication site. So, we were wondering if our old areas could be translated into folders of different pages from the same communication site each assigned to a specific group by taking advantage of the permission inheritance break or would it be more appropriate to create different communication sites connected to a hub instead.


In my opinion, I prefer different sites linked to a hub, in order to maintain easier management of work groups over time.


What are your thoughts on this?
Thank you

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If you find yourself creating a folder for a security boundary and document organization, create a new library instead.
- You can assign a content type to the library that helps with contextual searching,.
- Site columns can be assigned to the content type at creation or later for even better searching.
- When you pursue Copilot, it’s easier to manage permissions at a library than at a folder.
Hello, the problem is that our group must work on some pages (not document) but folder has limitated supported by SharePoint Online (for example, you can't move page or choice page tamplate) an stop inherit permission for folder very discouraged because this approach is expensive or difficult during the permission handling. SharePoint online focus is on sites and a flat architecture but common approval flow solution required extra-licensiong on Power Automate.