Office templates are not reachable via Content Delivery Network

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I'm facing an issue since months and cannot find any solution to it even with the Microsoft Support so I want to share my problem here.

I configured in SharePoint Online a library for using with Office templates, like many times before. So the employees can open e.g. Word then go to New -> customer domain name and see there Office templates there.

It was working for some time and then suddenly it stopped working for every employee of my customer with the error message "you are not signed in or your cached credential has expired".

This message appears directly under the domain name within the New site in Word.

We tried with signing in and out, reinstall Office, completly new installed notebooks, new creation of the template library, permission tests and so and nothing is working.

Even stranger is the fact that this functionality is still working when the employees working from their local office but it is not working in any homeoffice working place^^

Of course we checked the conditional access policies and login logs in Azure AD, but no issue can be found there too.


Do you have any hint for me?

Thanks and Regards

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@Julian12 thought I would check in to see if you found a resolution to this or not. We are doing the same thing and get the message about cache credentials "you are not signed in, or your cached credential has expired"  the first time clicking on a folder, but it works after clicking on a folder again; it happens on users' desktops and through our Citrix environment.



Hi Julian, after deploying multiple solutions the same way im also interested in this topic, i've encountered a customer with the same issues, only to not have any way of working. All Apps give the same error when trying to reach the CDN.


If anyone has some information about this topic, we would love to hear it.


The problem was in the Microsoft backend and with chached tokens.

We could resolve it when we disabled all conditional access policies for some time, let the user work normally and after a day we activated the policies(mfa, some others) again.