Office 365 and Sharepoint PDF Viewer


We have noticed some PDF documents don't display correctly in SharePoint via Chrome.

From my research it is because SharePoint uses it's own PDF Viewer.


Is there a way to update this ?

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Short answer: no.
One alternative is to use 3rd party apps that open the pdf in the browser since modern browsers offer support for viewing pdf directly in the browser.
Another workaround is to download the pdf and open the downloaded file using the local PDF application. In case the pdf needs to be modified (e.g., annotate, sign, ...) the user needs to perform additional manual actions such as saving the modified pdf file locally and then upload the modified file to the original location. This is tedious, error prone and results in a copy of the pdf file on the local machine which is not ideal from a security/compliance perspective. It may also confuse the user by accessing that file instead of the pdf file in SharePoint.
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