NOW() - calculated default value not working


quite express example:

a freshly created list "X", with a numeric column "zz" whose default value is calculated, =NOW()


zz column:



Now open the list and add 2 or more items during the next 5 - 10 seconds (or all day long... ALL of them will show up with a SAME value: the one of when you have arrived at / opened the list. So, not when you actually have added them:





Have more people been experiencing this? it seems it begun last week, along with the "double" click now needed to add an item when you have just opened a list :\


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When you open the item is the value correct?
Hi Webb, no, it isn't...
From what I recall you always use default value and use [Today] in there. Calculated columns are usually values based on other columns / formula so it seems like it’s doing what it should be doing.

An update: I've just tried another approach. I've created a "tt" number column whose default value is =TIMEVALUE(NOW()). But whenever I add a new item, the related field shows up as BLANK :\






not sure if I understood fine, this is not a calculated column but number column (the Now() is in the formula for its default value)... we need to reach to the seconds




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SOLVED, formula for this case must be "=VALUE(now())", not only "=now()"