Not able to edit site url in SharePoint Online

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In the SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365, the "Edit" link on all sites of all types are disabled and shows this message: "The address for this type of site can't be changed".


Is it a bug, or is it because this feature is still in preview? 

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It seems to be a bug, if you have the "Edit" link it should work...of course, for Hub Sites the Edit link cannot be used

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks, Juan. I will create a support ticket.

@Jakob RohdeI have met the same error message in my tenant for all my sites. However, I found out this message appears if your site is under a retention  policy. I have then excluded the site I wanted to rename from our retention policy scope, waited for a few minutes, then the message was gone and I could rename it.

HI @Jakob Rohde 


It might be too late to answer your query but thought it will be useful for someone else who is still checking.

Change site address is supported for the following site types only. For example, If you try to edit a site based on ProjectSite template, the Edit link will be disabled and you will see the message The address for this type of site can't be changed. Can you see if your site is based on any of the below templates.

  • Office 365 group-connected team sites
  • Modern team sites that don't belong to an Office 365 group
  • Communication sites
  • Classic team sites

Hi, we've seen the same issue with one particular SharePoint site this morning. Nothing that we could do within the Site or SharePoint Admin Center and it's nothing to do with the retention policy. It appears to be down to how the site was created.

To fix this my colleague used PowerShell to force the URL change and it worked.