News WebPart - does not roll up news from Hub Site


We have a SharePoint that is our tenant home page and also is the site to which several other sites are hubbed.  On the main page for the site, we have a webpart that is in list mode and is defined to show news rolled up from 5 selected sites, including itself.


As of this morning, the page is only showing news directly on this site, and none of the other selected sites.  If we modify the webpart and de-select the site itself and leave the other 4 sites checked, then it does show news from those sites.  But as soon as we add the site itself back in, all of the news from the other sites disappears.


We've deleted and re-created the webpart and also tried creating a new page and that didn't make a difference.


As a work-around, we've changed the selection for the webpart "Select a news source" to "All sites in the hub."  That's working except for it is including news from sites we don't want.  We just want the news on this site, plus 4 other specific sites.


Is anyone else seeing this problem?  Or have any suggestions?

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@TandyWine Wij hebben sinds vanmorgen precies hetzelfde probleem.

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@TandyWine A client of mine reported this yesterday. It appears to be a bug. I suggest you report it to Microsoft. Haven’t seen it in all tenants, but definitely seeing it in one and I have seen others report it online. The News web part is not recognizing selected sites when you select more than one.