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I am using the news web part pulling news from multiple site collections and hub site collections. I would like to filter based on a column i've added to those site collection page libraries but the filter option is only appearing when the News Source is "This Site".


Is the option to filter the news from multiple site collections not available and only available from within the site you're on?

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Yes, you are basically can apply a filter in the News WebPart when you want to show news that have been created in the current site
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I think the ability to filter on news across site collections is supposed to be coming at some point. What you can do now is use the Highlighted Content web part to pull in news articles from multiple site collections and then filter on a managed property. When I need to do this, I create a managed metadata property that I use on all of the sites I want to roll up and then map each property to an available managed property in the search schema (e.g. RefinableString05). Then I can filter the news based on that shared property - but for now, only in the Highlighted Content Web Part.

The trouble I have with Highlighted Content is that it doesn't provide the same layout options as the News web part. Is there anyway to add layouts to the highlighted content web part?

Not at this time.

As I am moving our intranet to SharePoint Online and trying to keep consistent functionality from SP2013 and SharePoint Online, the phrase "Not at this time" is becoming way to common. By the time I'm done I may have more custom code on this site than I would like, which means I have to manage this while MS gets the features I need added. 


Nothing anyone (but MS) can do, I know, but still frustrating. 

Does alias name appear in high lighted content webpart or you need to use RefinableString

You need to use RefinableStringxx.

this will make everything so difficult to remember, ony way is that we have to create excel.

Sad part

So with On-Premise I could add my custom column to the Search Schema and be able to use the property in my filters as a Managed Property. Is this no longer the case and I have to use the RefinableString fields now?

I don't think so,. Find more information here:


For clarification to Susan's response, from the link...


"You can create new, custom managed properties, but these can only contain text or Yes/No. If you need other content types in your custom managed property, then use one of the unused, built-in managed properties that search comes with. These managed properties can contain information in integer, decimal, date and time, double precision float, or binary format. You can "rename" these unused managed properties by using the alias setting."

You can rename an existing property though by changing it's Alias. So basically you can rename one of the RefinableStringXX by changing it's Alias to something definable to.

This is something that I would like to get as a feature. I've created a user-voice for the same.

@dmowry Hi Experts,


I have created a new managed property from the tenant settings -> Schema -> Managed properties,


now have a query - how to map/use this to make it available in the Site Pages library for news.


The ideal goal is to filter the web part with a custom property (which is available on current site but not on selected site)


thank you



I found this article was useful in setting up my own managed properties for filtering (follow option 2)


Thank you @sthieu for your time to respond.


I will surely look into it. 


If it works will confirm back :)


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