.net Core 5 or 3.1 installation on Existing SharePoint 2019 Server

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We want to host custom solutions that run on core 3.1 / 5.


Is it supported to install .net core 3.1/5 on existing SP 2019 server (where you already have .net FX 4.7.2 running).


Purpose is to host our backend of onprem SPFx solution on same application frontends of SharePoint 

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Might I ask why you want to host the custom solution in your SP 2019 farm?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Actually its SPFx based solution which needs REST API backend that communicates with SQL server. its a system with few custom forms. The backend does not use CSOM also, it uses SQL server at the backend which is also same SQL of SharePoint server.


We don't want to have new hardware for just this application, so we prefer to use same SP 2019 frontend server to host Core 3.1/5 app as well.

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@Shahid Roofi Khan Personally, I wouldn't run this Web API on your SharePoint farm servers. I would host the application on another server if possible. You wouldn't want to take away resources that your SharePoint Environment needs.

Now, I don't have the specific answer to your question, but .NET core and .NET Framework can co-exist and run together on the same server in IIS. I am doing this in non-SharePoint environments, so I don't see a reason why you couldn't.