Need help! News page mobile notifications working poorly...

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Hi everyone,


I hope someone can help me figure out some issues regarding the SharePoint mobile notifications for News. In my opinion, the notifications for news pages are working very poorly. This is myexperience:


  1. Only a few people in my organization are getting push notifications.
  2. For those who ARE getting notifications: when clicking on the notification, the news is not found in the SharePoint app. It takes up to 10 minutes for the news to show up.
  3. When the news is displayed in the SharePoint App, images are lost for some users.

Because of all the problems listed above, I tried to create a Flow that sends an email to the users instead. Here´s the logic:


  1. Trigger: When a file is created or modified (properties)
  2. Condition: Promoted state equals 2
  3. Action: Send an email to the organization

Problem 1: The Flow works fine if I create a news page from the start page. The page metadata field Promoted state is immediately set to 2. If I create a normal site page it has Promoted state = 0, which is correct. Now, I try to promote this page to a news page. The value Promoted state is set to 2, BUT, the Flow is not triggered! It seems like the Promoted state is updated AFTER the flow is triggered...

Problem 2: When pressing Edit on a news page, the flow is triggered instantly... I want to run the Flow when pressing Publish.


How can I solve these issues? 




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Not sure if this is still current. But for the last couple of weeks, I haven't noticed any Push Notifications at all. Does anyone know of a way to verify push notification functionality?

@Mark Kashman can you point here someone from the team that is owner of the SPO App? Thanks!

I havent managed to receive a single notification, exept for new comments on your posts. No notifications at all for new posts.


Can you please tell me how you managed to detect promoted state through Flow?


Best Regards, Magnus Göransson

I do get notifications on my Lock Screen, but don't get numbered badges on iOS, even though the setting is enabled.
Also weird, everyone should check their notification settings within SharePoint, every new setup for our users I've done went like this:
* install app from app store
* open app for the first time - confirm to receive push notifications
* check push notifications settings within SharePoint App - all 3 notification types are disabled

is the last setting intentional by Microsoft? I don't think it should be this way, as I guarantee that no normal end users check their settings after already agreeing to receive notifications in the first place.

All three was checked when I installed and started the SharePoint app for the first time. Wierd.