Need a solution to edit a column without giving edit access to a List

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We have a SharePoint list with about 1400 rows (ID#, Name, email, etc). We want a handful of people to be able to edit only a single "Checked in? Yes/No" column (and nothing else).


One solution which might have worked is to have an MS Form in which they could enter the ID#, click submit, and a PowerAutomate Flow updates the corresponding row in the list. This is so close to being perfect...but unfortunately is subject to human error: if they enter an invalid ID#, they wont know they've made a mistake and nothing will happen (creating a multiple choice question in Forms with 1400+ possible answers is of course not an option... and even if it were, the list is likely to change).


Looking for creative solutions.

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@B_Flow with Sharepoint itself giving edit access to a user means they can edit every column. But you can do this with Power Apps where you set the display mode of the other columns to View and only leave the column you want them to edit to have a display mode of Edit.


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