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My users want to move Folders/ Files between teamsites.  Somehow, they can only move them inside the Teamsite they are currently using. E.g. a user on the HR teamsite is not able to move something to Finance Team Site, the only option given is still the HR teamsite he's coming from. Users have rights to Add and Change Files on both sites (Contribute). As we are using multiple Tenants most users are actually guest users in Sharepoint. Any Suggestions?

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This should be using the Move function, if the site is not showing up on the list of sites they can move files to them get them to go and follow the site they want to move the files to and this should help the site show up. 


Edit  Sorry missed the end bit -  If the team sites are in the same tenant it will work but if the users are Guest users then it will not. SharePoint doesn't recognise guest users between sites. If you are logged into one site collection SharePoint doesn't know the guest user has permissions to the other site collection. 


As suggested by other replies use ShareGate or other migration tool to move data or an internal user if the team sites are in the same tenant. 

You can use the SharePoint interface to move files and folders in the same tenant. Opening your Library (Use new experience), you have a MOVE option selecting a folder. After selecting the folder and click on MOVE TO, select the destination on the right side.

IF this doesn't work for you, try to use the ShareGate or SharePoint Migration Tool (or try).

Another option is to Sync the libraries using OneDrive. Map the two libraries and move the files manually, waiting for the files sync.

All these options you don't need to customize anything. If you cant solve your problem, try PowerShell PnP.

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please make sure you have read this article:


First that comes in mind that are you using SharePoint Online and is cross-site copying enabled on your tenant.


Hope this helps.