Move/Copy SharePoint Pages from one Site to Another in Classic View

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Hi everyone, I've recently been tasked with moving site pages from one site to another. I've read how you could use Classic view to do this. I'm a SharePoint administrator for our company and have made myself admin of the two sites I'm working with.


Problem is, whenever I try to move/copy pages across and put the URL in, it always says I don't have right access for it and would need to request permission from the site owners (me essentially) and no matter how many times I approve myself it just keeps looping me back to the same problem.


Does anyone know what's causing this or what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi this solution is to copy all the pages from a site to another right?

also, option for Library Name: Site Pages - ( we type the Site Pages words right? because is not an option )
Can I copy an specific page from a Site to another? or have to be all of them like it shows
It copies all of them. So as a workaround, I copy the pages to a folder I create first in the destination site. Then copy or move the page you want and delete the rest in the folder.
(FYI: I used reddimension's solution)
Thank you! Works as advertised.