More Audience Targeting on page content, maybe sections?

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I like the new development of collapsible sections on SharePoint pages. However, the big development I'd love to see, especially in sections, would be audience targeting. This would allow me to build pages that look completely different to different audiences, and would be particularly useful on the Home Site, so I can customize the entire layout and site elements to different groups.


Currently, it's only menus, links and feeds that support audience targeting, but adding it to sections would be a real game-changer.


(Since UserVoice is no more, I'm posting this here... if it belongs elsewhere please let me know.)

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@Benjamin Bennett

This is a great idea. I would also like to see the audience targeting feature for collapsible sections similar to Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part.


And I think this is the right place to post such ideas, as per UserVoice Pages documentation.

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I was originally looking for a way to use audience targeting in a Hero section to show different tiles to different audiences, but then I thought that audience targeted sections would accomplish this and more.
I couldn't agree more. The web parts that my clients have used most do not have the audience functionality in the modern experience.. yet... However, if sections can be audienced, this would give power users and admin's the tools they need to make SharePoint more functional for our users.

@Benjamin Bennett 

I would love to see this added as well.

Does anyone know if there has been any actions to make this happen?