Modern script editor webpart (PuzzlePart) not loading

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We work on an SPO2019 site. I have been using the Modern Script Editor Web Part by Puzzlepart to use a script which provides us with a search box. It was functioning upto last week, but now it isn't loading and is displaying the error below:


***Failed to load component "3a328f0a-99c4-4b28-95ab-fe0847f657a3" (ScriptEditorWebPart). Original error: ***Failed to load URL '' for resource 'script-editor-bundle' in component '3a328f0a-99c4-4b28-95ab-fe0847f657a3' (ScriptEditorWebPart). The file was not found in the server.


I am not based in IT (and our IT department is swamped at the moment so I am getting minimal support), so could anyone identify the likely cause? My instinct is that the app was removed from the app Library or another site where it was originally installed, which has now resulted in our own loss of access?


Thanks to anyone who can help - scratching my head here. 



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