Modern Page Theme does not adopt saved changes

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Attempting to save a new color theme to my modern page via Change the Look > Theme > Header. I select one of the standard selections and hit save. As soon as I refresh the page it reverts back to the original color. It wouldn't be so horrible but right now it's bright purple and which doesn't exactly match our company branding. I'm not trying to use an out-of-the-box coded color; just one of the standard options. Any advice on how to resolve? TIA

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@JenniferE80124 I'm having the same problem!

@Leah23159  I did discover the other day that Site Settings > Change the Look at the parent level is effecting the available color schemes in the modern template theme.

@JenniferE80124 I've tried changing it at every level all the way up to the top of the site collection without success.  Is there a way to force it to stop inheriting the parent look?  Most of these are classic sites with modern pages on them.

@Leah23159 @JenniferE80124 


Any update on this? I am experiencing the same issue