Modern Managed Columns and Content Types is broken or unfinished at best

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Hi everyone, it's been while for me around here, but I could really use some help here.


While I appreciate every UI change to "modern" in general, the switch to modern content type and column management feels very incomplete and I'm stopped from doing my work because of this.


Previously everything was managable in in the Content Type Hub, columns and content types. After publishing everything and waiting half a day, those columns and content types were available on all other sites.


After the switch to modern I'm unable to add any published column to any library or list from the existing (published) site columns.

I'm pretty sure I don't want to re-created the same column for every library on multiple sites


The only workaround I found was to add any content type to the library/list that contains the required column, then delete the content type again -> the columns remain in the library/list and then edit the existing content type to add the required column. 


Either I've been using content types and columns wrong all these years, or I'm missing something that the designers of the modern content type management have created.


Any ideas here?

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@Ivan Unger As you've seen, there's no 'easy' way to get a published content type in a site, though they've made it quite easy to get one into a library.


If you're willing to write some JSON and run some PowerShell, the following should work:

1. Create and publish a new content type in the gallery with ALL of the column definitions that you want to be available on your sites.

2. Create a Site Script JSON file that uses the addcontenttypesfromhub verb to add the content type to the site.

3. Use PowerShell to create a Site Template which includes your Site Script

4. Optionally, set the Site Template as a 'default' so that it is automatically applied to all new sites as they are created.


REF: Get started creating SharePoint site templates and site scripts | Microsoft Docs