Mirror Choice Column across lists

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I am attempting to mirror a choice column from one list to another.


One list is a data list and contains data for each person including the choice column. Multiple selections is on for the column. Each person only appears once in the list. Lets say for example that the data in this list is the person's name in a text column, a 5 digit unique identifier in the title column and that person's favorite fruit(s) in the choice column


The other list is an instance based list. Lets say for example it is recording whenever a person in the data list asks for some fruit. I would like it to function such that when someone asks for fruit, the person filling in the instance based list can select one of the entries in the data list (by person name) and it will auto populate a column in this list with the data in the person's favorite fruit(s) column in the data list.


I would like the data to populate instantly and automatically. I have currently found three ways to link data:

  • Using a Lookup column
    • Instant.
    • Does not link choice columns.
  • Using power automate
    • Takes at least 60s to trigger.
    • Can link choice columns.
  • Using SharePoint API
    • Can't be triggered dynamically(?).
    • Can link choice columns.

None of these options are suitable for the reasons above. Is there another method to link choice columns? Appreciate any advice!

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