Migration Manager API?


We would like to automate a larger file share migration for our client (> 100 TB). The migration should be mainly user driven and scheduled automatically by a tool that we will build.


Does the Migration Manger provide an API to automate a migration?


We are already aware of the file based bulk upload possibilities. Any chance we can automate these?

Can the API /_api/MigrationCenterServices/ be used? Any documentation available?


Thank you for your support.


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There is not a Migration Manager API to my knowledge. Your only chance to use Microsoft 365 migration APIs

@Juan Carlos González Martín That's a pity because the API is actually there. If have made some further analysis. Microsoft uses _api/MigrationCenterServices/Tasks/BatchCreate to create tasks in the Administration Center.

Unfortunately, it seems that this API is not documented. I have made a request on User Voice:

@Beat Grüring 


Did you ever find a solution to this?  Also, what is the full path for the _api/MigrationCenterServices/Tasks/BatchCreate API?