Microsoft Training vs Microsoft Learning Pathways

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Hi Folks,

What is the difference between the content available in Microsoft Training ( and Microsoft Learning Pathways

I may not be able to implement Microsoft Learning Pathways.

My goal is to provide the most up to date training/resource material about using SharePoint. You know - an accurate learning center. 


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Basicly, Learning pathways create a way to present the information from training to make it easy to navigate and add additional content!

Any reason why you can't install pathways?
Thanks for responding. Two issues impact implementation.
1) This note on the Learning Pathways page:
Microsoft 365 learning pathways is an open source project supported through our online issues list on GitHub. The learning pathways solution and it's components are not covered by any existing Microsoft support contract.
I would need reliable support.
2) We are in this weird Classic/Modern situation. Learning Pathways should be implemented in a clean modern experience, which we will be implementing soon (hopefully).
Reliable support would probably need to go via a consultant firm/partner. My clients have had similar requirements that I've supported with LP :)

2. You can always create your own demo environment to try, I commented that on your previous post: