Microsoft Teams pop up to be blocked.

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I want to block a pop up


Microsoft Teams
Communicate with your colleagues in real time by creating a Team for your Office 365 Group
from appearing across the tenancy.

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There are many options please check:


we disabled the Teams in Task Manager (Registry) 

@Alireza Rahimifarid I am talking about teams status creation in bottom left of a sharepoint site created from Office365 group.

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Hope you trying to hide Teamify popup in SharePoint Online sites. From PowerShell,  you can easily disable the Teams creation prompt using the SharePoint Online PnP cmdlets.

Refer below posts :


Hope there is no method to disable this option in tenant-wide. You need to disable it on individual sites.

Is that still working? I tried following the steps from the SPFarm website and after refreshing the site the popup is still there.


The limitation in controls provided by Microsoft is so darned frustrating.