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I was looking into the new modern Calendar View for lists, and it does looks better than the old Calendars. However, is there any way to color code items based on a Choice field or some kind of conditional formatting, like you could with the old SharePoint Calendars? Or is that a feature that will be developed in the future?

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I don't think it is possible currently to color code the calendar view based on choice fields or using JSON formatting.


Also, there is no news on if this feature will be developed in future or not. But if you want this feature to be implemented by Microsoft then you can create a UserVoice/Idea at: SharePoint UserVoice 


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@gtew234 Hello - did you get any further with this?  I am after the same thing.

@Andrew Huddleston 

Sorry, I set it aside after getting that response from ganeshsanap.  I just stuck with using the classic SharePoint calendars because of the ability to color code, as well as the existence of a week calendar view. Hopefully Microsoft will rectify this missing feature soon, but I wouldn't wait on it.