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Hi all,


It is still impossible to filter a calendar view list by another column correct? I dont want to spend more time trying if indeed its impossible


If anyone knows please let me know


Thank you all

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Any ideas?


I'm sure many people need the same function 





It doesn't appear to be an option yet. All I see is an option to filter on the "Title" field, or whichever field you selected to be your calendar view's title display field. 


I hope it is on the roadmap and planned to be released soon. This is something that should have been available at launch in my opinion. Filtering by the Title only is basically useless.


This is so disappointing. Not being able to filter on more than one column - which every other list view has is...??....why?

It doesn't even have the functionality of the calendar you made 10 years ago. What is going on in Redmond? How are such half-baked ideas getting out the door?

Agreed. This is underwhelming.
Does anyone find a different solution?

Yes... it is still possible to use all filter options in calendars.  While viewing the calendar, click the link "Return to Classic SharePoint" at the bottom of your Quick Launch Menu.  Then when you "Edit Current View", you have all of the same options as in the past.  When finished setting filters and saving... then change your experience back from classic by clicking the link "Exit Classic Experience".



You nailed it - for others stumbling on this thread, this response is the right answer.

1. I use the Modern SP list to make the placeholder Calendar views with each group name, using the default date fields and the Title as the name of the event that will appear.

2. Select one of the Calendar views.

3. Select Return to Classic SharePoint.

4. Selecting the ellipsis menu will let you pick Modify View, as well as selecting the other Calendar Views.

5. In the Edit View window, you should see familiar options to customize Views as before - generally speaking you want to scroll down to the Filter section.

6. Select "Show items only when the following is true"

7A.Show the items when column [select your filtering column like 'Audience' etc]

7B. "contains" (I find this easier than 'is equal to' as it allows for more free text vs choice requirements but)

7C. and then enter your filter term.

7D. If necessary to do groupings, you can leverage the And/Or operators, and if you need additional sets of these options, select "Show More Columns". If you picked too many column filters, set the column to "None".


That did the trick for us - thanks Keith!

@MiCat1355 Where do you click the "Return to Classic SharePoint" button? 


I don't see it:




Thanks for posting this - no easy way to filter List Calendar Views was driving me crazy! Now, can someone please poke MS to make Filtering Views far more easier to configure and save, whilst also creating a List Calendar View overlay that allows Users to see one calendar with several lists, that would be AMAZE. 🥳
That is strange - I see that on the bottom left as a blue link on my side of things - I don't know why it's missing for you, sorry!



I appended the following to the URL:




This filters by a text field called "JobNo" and picks out only values ="RJ0001"


And it worked.  It killed my pretty JSON colours, but I'll get to fix that shortly fingers crossed.

@MiCat1355 @jmpawson @MicrosoftTechCommunity ,


You can go to classic list view settings by following either of below options: 

Option 1:

  1. Go to calendar view in list
  2. Click on "Switch view options" dropdown and select Edit current viewganeshsanap_0-1660649985642.png

Option 2:

  1. Go to calendar view in list
  2. Click on settings (gear icon) at the top right corner and select List settingsganeshsanap_1-1660650181996.png
  3. Scroll down to Views section on list settings page and click on view name: ganeshsanap_2-1660650214439.png

You can then add filters as usual on classic list view settings page and click "OK".

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This is so strange -
I succeeded to connect a list with a calendar view with a another list via the "Dynamic filter".
I have an holiday list and I want to filter it by country.

When the view is flat (default) there is no problem.

But if it's a calendar view, I can see results *only* if I choose *two* items to filter by. 
Any ideas?


Option 2 worked perfectly for me (option 1 wasn't possible in my case). Thank you!!!

@HeatherTR You're welcome! Glad it worked for you!!

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