Maori Language (Te Reo) in Multi-lingual settings

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I am working with a number of New Zealand government agencies who are keen to have the multi-lingual support for Te Reo.

I see that "Te Reo" is not an option in the languages selection of Site Languages.


As there are no longer translation services, this becomes a language label.


Is there a way to add a label to this list? 

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I have the same issue, have you had any joy in progressing?

Hi Microsoft any further progress on the addition of Te Reo Maori to the language options in SharePoint?


@rollercoaster @John Hamilton-Smith @J9CORUM 


I will suggest you to add a new idea/feedback on SharePoint feedback portal for adding this language option in SharePoint sites: SharePoint Feedback Portal 


If you get enough votes and attention of Microsoft on the feedback, they considers implementing the feedback/idea with future releases.

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