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I've started my SharePoint journey like 3 months ago. On these 3 months I've been working on a KB team site. Now we are getting close to the point to push it to production, the only problem is that we cannot make it our Home site, so when people go to it takes them there. 

When I tried making the KB site the home site it said that it is connected to a o365 group. 


Then I noticed that when I first created the site (not knowing almost anything of SharePoint) it automatically created an o365 group for it. 

Is there any way to disconnect the site to this group so I can make it my home site? If not what other options do I have? 

I tried making the current home landing site a redirect site. Meaning that it replicates the KB site and it only redirects to it, the problem with that if that is people click on the logo they are going to go to the KB home site instead of the redirection one 

Please let me know thank you for your help. If you need any other type of information let me know

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Create a Communication site and make a Site swap with the root site. Then enable this site to be the Home site. And then move everything to there. A portal site/intranet home site should be the root site
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@danbmunoz As per the Set up a home site in SharePoint Online 


You can set only one SharePoint site as a home site which must be a communication site


Try creating a communication site and setting it as a home site.


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