Mail Merge Using SharePoint online List as Data Source



can I use the data in a sharepoint online  list ( inserted using powerapps) as a data source for a word file for mail merge .

I mean can we add the data in list in the quick parts of the word document?

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@Karim Hossam 


Yes, you can, but you have to create a content type to do so.

One option could be to export the list data to Excel using Export to Excel and then use the Excel file generated to create the Mail Merge
Do you still need help with this? I was working with content types yesterday and remembered that you have to configure the document information panel settings within the content type to get the fields to show up in Word. I can provide more details if needed.

@Techresa just stumbled upon your post re this problem. I'm having trouble accessing a Sharepoint list as a data source for a mail merge (without exporting the list to excel). If you have any details for the content type solution, I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'm not very tech savvy, but neither is my office, so I am all we have right now.  


I too would like information or instructions on how to set up data types to be able to create a mail merge using SharePoint Online List data.




@Todd Ring 

Did you get information or instructions from @Techresa (or by yourself) on how to set up data types to be able to create a mail merge using SharePoint Online List data.




@Techresa & @Karim Hossam 


I've struggled with this for a while as well and would appreciate any light that can be cast on the subject.


I'm interested in how the content types can be used.  The alternative I've settled on is to use a MySQL Database hosted at an ISP to achieve the same results, but I would really like to use a SharePoint list because is keeps the total solution within a single environment and single framework.

I have posted a similar request. We opened a ticket with Microsoft. I studied the entire SharePoint Framework Approach.
Up until SP 2016 and Office 2016 it was simply a matter of going to [VIEW]->[Sharepoint Properties], from where you could even change to values of the SharePoint Document Library columns or List's Columns. This was possible through ALL versions of SharePoint and ALL versions of Word up until the commitment to 365 became apparent. Since 2016 and the updates immediately thereafter these features have been made increasingly difficult to access.

Yes, 1 option is to create and Excel SpreadSheet or an MS Access Database with tables that link to the SharePoint list/library and then to write the Mail Merge to the linked table/spreadsheet. it means that you need an intermediary step and it runs the risk of not being the latest data when required.

Doing a mail merge of a multi-page contract with the latest data is frustrating using Word greater than 2016 - if you are hoping to link that Word document to a SharePoint list.

The best option is to link it to a database table that is closely linked to the SharePoint server, such as on a SQL table hosted on a specific database residing on the SQL Instance you have access already - ie the one that SharePoint already relies on.

The solution I have settled for eventually was to create a MySQL database on my ISP environment, create the table there, and link that table to Word. To edit it I have created a Linked Connection to MS Access, which can be used to edit the records and even launch the Word Document.

The learning time was marginal. The effort was minor. My mental health was better.

@Karim Hossam I had the same question and I used this alternative approach: Generate a Word Document from a SharePoint list using Power Automate - YouTube. It worked well for me because I only wanted to generate one doc at a time, but I'm sure if you needed to generate one for each item in the list at once you could do so with a For Each loop in Power Automate.