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I have 2 lists List 1 is a modern list that lists all my facilities. List 2 is a modern list that lists all my contacts. I have created a lookup field in list 1 that allows me to assign contacts from list 2 into list 1. This works. But when i click the contacts in list 1 it opens a pop-up window of the contact information, but the window opens in classic view and not the modern view for the contact. 


Is there a way when clicking the lookup item that it can open in modern view vs classic?


Note i do not have ratings enabled or Audience targeting as i notice these were possible causes from other posts. 


Here is what is happening when i click the contact from the lookup field.


Thank you for any help with this. 



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@Mattnelsonrx592   Looking for that solution as well.  In  my example, I'm creating a lookup where the parent item is in the same list.  Teams opens in modern, but when I click on the Title (linked to item) field it navigates to a classic box.