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I have an app the sends details to two sharepoint lists - personal details and shop orders.


Can I add a lookup column that will bring the name from personal details to shop orders list?


I have an orderID column in both lists.



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@rosscortb Yes, you can create list relationships by using lookup columns in SharePoint online.


You can add a lookup column from personal details list to shop orders list and select additional columns to show in shop orders list. However, you can extend limited column types like single line of text, number, date, currency, etc.


Check this documentation for more details: Create list relationships by using lookup columns 

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Thanks for your response but not sure the links shows how I can achieve this.


As you can see I have added a lookup column in order list which does bring through the employee names for the personal details but I want it to auto fill when the items are added. I suppose in excel it would be a vLookup using the orderID as the unqid.