Lookbook Contracts Site not provisioning

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Trying to use the lookbook to work with Syntex.  I have Syntex configured on the tenant and have created a content center but when trying to create the Contracts Site, I get the following error.

Pre-requirements not fulfilled!

The SharePoint Syntex Contract Managemant template is built on top of SharePoint Syntex and can only be installed if you as a user have a SharePoint Syntex license assigned.


I can't get past this.  Also, management is misspelled in the error - that's a whole other thing :)

Any idea what I'm missing?

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@StephenH830 this is a known issue and Microsoft is working on it. The template checks that the user has a syntex user license. I don’t have an ETA but probably a month or two

Great - thank you. Was beating my head against a wall yesterday trying to figure out what I had configured wrong and couldn't find a thing. This makes me feel a little more sane :)
I'm getting this error, too. Know of an update on a fix for this?

Is there an update on the ETA? I'm also experiencing the same error.  Is there a way for me to track such known issues that Microsoft is working on?  If so website and tracking number, please.  Thanks

I'm glad I found out this information. I been over a week at trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Just in case anyone isn't aware... If you set up a content site.. You can still use the contract template. And if you're wanting the other features that's offered with the syntex contract site. The teams cards walkthrough is available. Goes through setting up teams using json formatting.


Which Contract Template did you use, I would like the link or instructions to get to the template? Thanks in advance.

I used to contract Model from the syntex content site. You dont need a azure pay as you go subscription to use the content site. So try to provision it. The one right below the contract management site. If you have sharepoint admin access when you go to create a site. click more options on the screen where you select a teams site or communications site. and from there you can select content site. Dont try to go to it for atleast 30 min. Then once its provisioned you can select contract Model. And Here is a link to a github repository that has some cool stuff if you know how to use PNP   .....     pnp/syntex-samples: Microsoft Syntex samples (    @jfrenzley 

Just a update. I was able to get the contract management template to work. If added from sharepoint admin. It works
Contract management template working now. If added from sharepoint admin and resource created in azure

@sbouldin Good afternoon, which resource should be created in Azure?

Still getting the error message. Syntex has been provisioned per the Resources.

Pre-requirements not fulfilled!

The SharePoint Syntex Contract Managemant template is built on top of SharePoint Syntex and can only be installed if you as a user have a SharePoint Syntex license assigned.

@sbouldin Can you give me the steps to create the contracts template from the SharePoint admin portal?  I can't seem to find anything that says contracts template site there.

Do you access to the SharePoint admin center?
Can't be done from lookbook. Has to be done from sharepoint admin

So... Am a GA, went to SharePoint Admin to site creation - Standard models present (Teams or Communication). Went to "Browse More sites".  And again, standard sites are present.




Creating a Content Center, of course will just create another model library and "More Templates" will give you all the ancient site templates.  So not sure what I am missing.


Have you setup azure. You have to be on pay as you billing. Just text me 2562027776.

@sbouldin got sidetracked on another project. Looks like my GA account does not have access to the Syntax resource group that we attached to our Azure subscription; but I can see it when I go on my billing/reduced admin account.  Getting with my security guy to see whats going on.

So I have found out after another user connected with me. It seems as of now it can only be done upon creating a sharepoint site for the first time through sharepoint admin. I have Microsoft business standard and Microsoft 365 apps subscriptions. With that being said I also have my own resource connected to a subscription in azure. And of course that's the pay as you go. So when your in sharepoint you go to the file and content under the setup. When you access that you will see two options. If the option on the right is available click it and setup a content center then go to sharepoint create a document library. Then create a teams site connected to Microsoft 365 group. Also I will say you have to be the admin of course. If you want access to it really bad. Connect with me and I can help you. I helped another user from this community yesterday