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Hello everyone,


I have a question regarding lists on Sharepoint - I saw that lists will inherit the permissions from Parent (in this case, the Sharepoint website itself). There are different groups who have the ability to view, read or edit the website. Is there a way to make it so that everyone from all the groups could edit the list, rather than me changing their permission one by one?

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Hello @vviona


you can break the permissions on every level site, list or item...but on item level it's make no sense. Here you can find more informations:


You can break the permission on list level and give your groups more permissions.


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I don't understand that...
If you want to all groups edit list, you must to put permissions in the list breaking inherit from parent...
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@vviona Follow this approach:

  1. Break permission inheritance in SharePoint for this particular list
  2. Change permissions levels in SharePoint - user "Edit User Permissions" option for each group to assign Edit or Contribute permissions as per your requirements.

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