Links to Sharepoint Page from AutoCAD

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AutoCAD allows text to have fields that are hyperlinks to webpages. They work fine to all kinds of sites, but if I point to a page on our  intranet (e.g. )  I get two tabs opened: 

The first tab opens to and I'm logged in just fine (I have an open session in my default browser where I'm logged in), but the second tab to this "default.aspx" page that has this error:


We're sorry, sign-in isn't working right now. But we're on it! Please try again later.

If this problem persists, contact your support team and include these technical details:

Correlation ID: cea3dea0-8077-4000-2021-fb1061dcdcf9

Date and Time: 9/27/2023 12:14:05 PM


Issue Type: Unknown issue.


I just tried using the link to this site ( and it had a pause for a second while it said "logging you in" but then it went through as expected.

Any thoughts what is happening here? It seems that Sharepoint has trouble passing a link through authentication or something, but only on the "" domain.

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