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My office developes a series of internal training documentation, that is stored as various PDF and/or Powerpoint or videos series to assist in the training of personnel. While SharePoint Online is a great way to disceminate this information from a central hub, I can't help but think how much cleaner it would be to present this content in a "knowledge base" documentation environment, similar to the example show in the screenshot, and the following link. My guess is that this is an out of the box standard feature of SharePoint, but I can only find hints of documentation typically revolving around the development of Wiki pages. 


Also, there doesn't appear to be a clear way to create Wiki pages from Word documents or PowerPoint. The process seems very manual. Am I missing something?


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Hello @MitsoStav 


M365 it's a tool set, so you can build solutions with combinate more the one tool. It's not a OOTB template available for this.


With SharePoint you can build a wiki with pages, additional with search, here you can find more information from @Gregory Zelfond  :


And yes, most of the migration are manual. I think with scripting you can automate this process, but this will require some effort.


Best, Dave