JSON list formatting to show/hide items based on SharePoint group membership

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Hoping someone can confirm something for me. Here is the scenario:


I have a SharePoint list with a 'Managers' column (type: Person/Group).

I have created a SharePoint group called 'Managers SP Group'.

I have created an Office 365 group called 'Managers'.

I have added 'Managers' to the 'Managers SP Group'.


The list is populated with items, and the 'Managers' column is populated with SharePoint groups e.g. 'Managers SP Group'.


I want to create a custom view using JSON formatting that shows/hides items in the list based on whether the user viewing the list is a member of 'Managers SP Group'




a) Is this possible?

b) If so, what is the JSON required? I know that if I used a person column populated with single users it is as follows:

"display": "=if([$Managers.email] == @me ,'','none') 

...but I don't know what this would be for using a group.


Hope someone can help!



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