Issue Setting Custom Template in Sharepoint Library

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I am having trouble setting up a custom excel template for a document library. In the settings, it says to place the template in the Forms folder of the library, which I cannot find for the life of me.


I also tried creating a new Sharepoint site and library to test some things out, and the library looks completely different from the ones that are created on the original site. The first screenshot shows the original site and second shows the test site. On the test site, the library actually lets me upload a template when I click "new".  This option does not appear on the original site's library.


Any help is appreciated!






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First one is a classic site with a classic document library. Avoid using those, it's really old

Newer is modern design and you've got alot more features.


Press new and in the bottom you should have an item called add new template, here you can upload your excel template: 





Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the original site was created a while ago, before I even started here. Is there a way to upgrade the classic site to modern without deleting all of the data/work put into the classic site?
You can go into library settings and choose new experience for that library but I would recommend creating a new site instead :) Better trying to keep everything modern (which has been standard 5+ years)