Is Microsoft List and SharePoint lists the same thing

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I always create SharePoint sites and add SharePoint list. inside the SharePoint lists i add custom content types , create power apps and power automate to automate the lists.


now today i came across the Microsoft lists, where from my Office 365 page >> i click on "Lists" >> create a new list >> and chose an existing SharePoint site, as follow:-












and what i get is exactly the same as the SharePoint list..


so can i say that Microsoft lists and SharePoint lists are the same thing? or there are differences between them?



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Yes, it's the same.

@johnjohn-Peter it means you don't have to create a whole SharePoint site if you just want a list, you just create the list.

@Rob_Elliott but  i can also add SharePoint list inside existing SharePoint site.. still i can not figure out the differences

@NicolasKheirallah so why they are named differently ? any idea?

There aren't any differences, they are exactly the same! You can use either depending on whether you need a site or not, it's entirely up to you.
A list in SharePoint is a list, a list in Lists is a list. Don't over-think this.
Essentially, both behave similarly and serve similar purposes. However, Microsoft has recently decided to emphasize LIST as one of the important feature, especially when created via the MS List interface found in the waffle menu. This interface provides a wealth of features and presents the user with a unique focus on representing List as a separate product. Both features will likely coexist, but Microsoft's primary focus will be on MS List due to its enhanced capabilities, such as collaboration and other UI features, when used within a team.

It's the same, the only differnce is that personal saves under your personal site on onedrive:



The waffle menu will show your nine latest lists, both personal and onedrive


Microsoft list is essentially the same piece of functionality as a SharePoint list. It has more or less exactly the same capabilities and user interface but is delivered and packaged as a standalone app while a SharePoint list is directly part of SharePoint site.


When you create a list in Microsoft Lists (My Lists) - it is stored in your OneDrive (personal) site

When you create a list in SharePoint site - it is stored in your SharePoint site.


Also, Microsoft Lists has its own dedicated web app and mobile app, that is available via Google Play (Android) and the iOS app store.


Check below links for more information:

  1. Microsoft Lists – evolving the value of SharePoint lists and beyond 
  2. What is the difference between SharePoint Lists and Microsoft Lists? 

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