Is it possible to use a SharePoint Image Library in PowerPoint for organization assets?

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I have a collection of images that need to be distributed throughout the organization, and I want to ensure the content is accessible to any user signed in to our O365 tenant right within PowerPoint. I plan to store them in a SharePoint Online Image Library. Is this possible with SharePoint? If so, how?

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@rehtsetwhat you are trying to do here is using the Organization assets in the Powerpoint it is not possible as PowerPoint comes with three options for pictures.... which are uploading images from this computer, Stock images and online images which is from the internet where the stock images is the best one as all of the images are from Microsoft different sources


here is more details about stock images.... but Organizations assets are totally different which can be only used on Sharepoint sites only.

@PDostiyar, thanks for the information. Sad day, and kind of surprising since Office 365 is so beautifully interconnected in other respects.


For anyone interested, I found this UserVoice request regarding this very feature. Feel free to vote so we can make this feature a reality!

@rehtset  this is great I am glad there is a Uservoice for this and as we know Microsoft and especially Microsoft 365 products Usersvoices changes has been accepted these days and updated features are rolling out each day...