Is it possible to Group By First Initial without a specific column for that?

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I have a List of employees where I'd like the option to present a collapsed grouping of first initials (and maybe last initials).  This list is essentially used as our company contact list.  

A >  

B >  

C >  

Is this something that can be done within the Group settings or with some sort of coding without the need to create a dedicated First Initial Column? 

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@Anthony-123 no, you'd need to create a dedicated first initial column.


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As mentioned by @RobElliott you "have to" create a new column for first initial in the list.


Depends on the column type and format you have used for employee names, you may able to fill in the values in first initial column automatically using calculated column or power automate flow or power apps customized form.


Then you can apply grouping on this column and remove column name from group header.

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