Is a Modern SharePoint Discussion board capability in the roadmap?

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We have many requests for discussion forum capabilities. Now, we know the classic version still exists for SharePoint and is/will be deprecated. We also know that Yammer is positioned as a replacement BUT we do not have Yammer enabled (yet), so I want to know if a new modern version of discussion forum content type is on the roadmap?


In addition, am interested in hearing what others are using instead?




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@Alon Goldberg there's nothing showing on the public roadmap here and I doubt there ever will be. With the investment in Yammer and the availability of Yammer Conversations and Yammer Highlights web parts for embedding in SharePoint pages, it would be a backward step for Microsoft to announce discussion boards for the modern SharePoint experience.

I hope you get Yammer soon, it's what we use at my company (55000+ staff).


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