Increase server resource quota for team sites

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Hello community,


Recently we've recieved a petition to increase the server resource quota for a team site. So, we've went to PowerShell, but nothing happened.


Here is the code:  

Set-SPOSite -Identity "site" -ResourceQuota 1500


Do you know if this feature (server resource quota) is enabled for SharePoint team sites?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Bryan Segura Duche ,


The resource quota from what I have been told many years ago does not do anything in SharePoint. It is functionality left over from a previous version of SharePoint Online that no longer has any affect on anything. 


Hope that helps.


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Hello@Andrew Hodges 


Thanks for your response.

We already have seen some responses saying that the server resource quota is deprecated, but still MS has the feature available for classic sites, where you can set this feature without problems.

Thank you again.



Hi @Bryan Segura Duche ,


You can set it but it doesnt do anything. This setting is only available in the old SharePoint Admin centre and is not available in the new admin centre for the reason that it has been deprecated. Setting it using PowerShell wont do anything either. 


If you are trying to speed up a SharePoint site the only way to do that if  there are no customisations on the site is for users to use the site/SharePoint. Might sound strange but the more the users use the site the more resources get allocated in the background. Empty tenants are a lot slower then in use tenants.  There are other factors such as Internet connection and laptop/pc speed which you may have looked at already that can be factors in how fast SharePoint is loading. 


Hope that helps



Hi @Andrew Hodges 


We've opened a support ticket with MS to have a official response.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help.


Kind regards.

Hi@Bryan Segura Duche ,


I think that is where I got my original answer from a couple of years ago. 


Be good to post the original answer when you have it. 


If you are still struggling for Speed you could also look at the Content Delivery Network that you can turn on per site collection. This can speed up a site in certain circumstances. 


Kind regards

Best Response confirmed by Bryan Segura Duche (Occasional Contributor)

Hi all,

In case that you were wondering with the official statement, here is:


Resource quotas, are a functionality that was deprecated for the modern sites, because Sandbox Solutions have been deprecated. The resources quotas were used only in context of  sandbox solutions, therefore, if those have been removed, then also the server resource quotas have lost their functionality.

For Classic sites no, the feature still exists and can be used as well, only for the modern sites was deprecated.