Inability to view MS Access and FlowCharter files in SharePoint online

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After migrating data from the file shares to SharePoint we are facing handling issues with files in Non-MS-Office formats, which are not supported by SharePoint, e.g.:

  • MS Access database files
  • Data Flow Diagrams in Flowcharter format
  • Etc.

Handling when data is stored in SharePoint:

  • The user can’t open the file directly from the file share in the according application
  • Instead, the user has to download or check out the file from SharePoint to his local machine
  • The user than can open the file from his local machine
  • Even if the application itself supports multi user changes (e.g. MS Access), only one user can edit the file, since it’s on his local machine
  • After closing the according application, which was used to edit the file, the changes are stored only on the local machine of the user
  • The user has to upload or check-in the file from his local machine to the SharePoint again to make it available for other users

Is there a solution to enable previewing the non-supported files using it's relevant application?

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