In SharePoint, can I open PDFs in Adobe App by default?

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I have Adobe set as my default app on my device.


Currently, when I click on the file, it opens in the Edge Previewer. 

When I Open in Browser, the file downloads, and 

When I Open in App, I receive an error message stating it "Couldn't Open this file" and recommends adding a shortcut to OneDrive and trying again. 

We've disabled the ability to create shortcuts in SharePoint as we're currently rolling out OneDrive in line with SharePoint Online migrations, so not everyone has it yet. 
Additionally, we're wary of a user deleting files/folders in one area not realising it'll be deleted from both. (I understand there's failsafes and confirmation screens for this but it has happened before). 


I was wondering is it possible to Open and Edit PDFs in Adobe from SharePoint.


Currently we're looking at the feasibility of Syncing locally but File Path length is going to be a huge issue dropping from a limit of 400 to 260. 


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This is something that is coming soon to SharePoint and OneDrive. It's called open in app: 

Feature Deep Dive: Open in App

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Does this mean once you make a change to the file and do a Save, it is OneDrive that is uploading the file back up to Sharepoint Library?

There should be some kind of guide on this I think.
I know it's early-stage release but I have access to the Open in App features now.

What I found was,
You are able to Open, Edit, and Save a PDF back into SharePoint provided,
1. Syncing is enabled on your SharePoint site.
2. The app you're trying to save to (Adobe in this case) is set as your default app for opening PDFs on your device.

Now when you try and save back to SharePoint, it saves the file in a Temporary Folder in OneDrive, and then to SharePoint.

@CCChris_Martin Does this retain version history when it's done this way?

It does.
To view the version you'll have to download it and see if it's the one you want, then there's the option to restore it in Version History.