Images URL taken through "Copy Link" feature not working

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URL of images, stored in SharePoint Library, taken through "Copy Link" feature of "Only people in org with the link can view and edit" type is not working if used in HTML of any SharePoint page. If I paste the URL in browser, it is working exactly fine but if used in HTML on any SharePoint page then image is not rendering and broken image icon is appearing in place of that.


Has anyone else encountered the same issue?


Link Format: https://<tenant><Site>/EVBMOhPS7xhJrvOe7RKPoFUBb_lLvzfqpWmONX5zl_wY5Q?e=fuIBiu

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I have developed an SPFx extension to solve this problem. The extension can be easily deployed. Please find more details on this in my blog post. Hope this helps.

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I've tried all those options and I still get the same "We only support linking to files in your own organization" message.  This is the link I used


Help!  we use this option in our SharePoint trainings for our staff. Is there any alternative? We have a training coming up.