I think I have a corrupted ID field

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Hello all


I have a broken Powerapp. It uses SharePoint as its datasource. All connection between my list and the app seems to have stopped.

Flow checker only suggest accessibility issues

Earlier, when I updated the list from the app, the SharePoint would update. Now when I submit a form, the data is being saved somewhere, as the app can still see it, but I cannot see it on the SharePoint list.

I can close the app and restart and these entries will be there


I created an entry using grid view on the list. It was not visible on the app. Interestingly the ID which I would expect to be either 4 (There were 3 visible entries), or 9 (8 entries on app) instead was 100000003





Starting to think I should just create a new site, as this only a test site with very little on it.

If anyone can shed light on the problem I would appreciate it


Thank you




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You can follow my thought process here

In the end I just had to recreate the form

@ConnM try clearing your browser cache. I often find that a list needs to be refreshed (ctrl+r) a few times before items created in an app appear. They do eventually pop up on their own but refreshing can speed it up. The format of the number is Microsoft's initial internal ID which after a shot while - another refresh or 2 - resolves to the proper ID.


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Thanks Rob

Clearing the cache did resolve the issue. Why is this happening? Why would it take 24 hours for a sharepoint list to be usable? How can I prevent this happening again?


Thank You