'Hyperlinking' to a file explorer directory within a SharePoint site?

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Let's say I have a shared drive with the following directory path:




Is there any way to put this path into a SharePoint site so that when the user clicks it (as though it's a hyperlink), file explorer opens in Windows and navigates to the directory?

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@Toby McDaid 

I have the same problem. Local links are not allowed in google chrome and other modern browsers for security reasons.


If you try in Internet explorer, the link will work as you want i to.


I solve the problem by installing a browser extension called IE tab. With this you can right click the link and select "Open in IE-tab". It opens the link in an internet explorer tab in chrome, which will open explorer.



Hi @ThueMj 


That's a pain, I wonder if there's any justification for why it was removed from modern browsers.


Out of curiosity, how do you create the link in IE? Did you simply paste the directory into a hyperlink control?

@Toby McDaid 


It is probably removed due to security reasons. If you link to a file, that file will be opened instead of just downloadet. I could be a dangerous script or exe-file.


And i am using a hyperlink control, where the url is bound to a path that i get from a database

why are you keeping the files on a file share instead of moving them into SP document libraries?
Because sharepile is horrible and the migration of existing data for large entities is onerous. It either requires dedicated personnel to maintain the metadata as well as internal teams for migration or outside entities or is no better than well-maintained servers if this is not completed. It is another MS product that is not well integrated with its power environment or platform. MS support documentation tends to tell the user to create their own scripts or other power platform flows with little useful documentation or free training available. I view it as a little value added environment that MS had marketed heavily, where a good PLM system such as Aras or otherwise would be far superior. Much less, a well maintained Google Drive or gsuites environment far surpasses the cooperative editing capabilities of MS sharepoint and onedrive.

One may say well what about CMMC, google is putting allot of efforts into this to be certified for such uses, its just the MS marketing is so prevalent, those who do not research other options stick with the status quo. I would love to see time lost due to SharePoint use in comparison of other available systems.