Hub Site Translation not working when switching to another language

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We have a hub site with navigation enabled and also MUI setup for Arabic language. Each item in the menu has the translations. When user switches from English To Arabic, the whole UI experience changes except the Navigation. Changing the language requires the users to clear the browser Cache which is not a good experience. Even Ctrl + F5 do not helped here.


Is there any way to force clear cache or force my portal to reload changed MUI Navigation?


Environment: SharePoint Online with SPFX React

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Hi, I have the same problem. Having my site in English and I can translate the landing pages and news articles to any other language. However, the navigation can't be translated.



I've seen similar issues in one of my environments, seems to be related to caching on the local client.

Hello folks! I am having the same issue and I found this recent thread -
and Microsoft responded asking to follow the steps here -

but it still didn't work for me. The navigation won't translate. Only the content/pages translate.

If you have fixed this, please share the fix. Thank you kindly!