HUB site sync permissions not working


Hey all,


Has anyone experienced any issues regarding sync of HUB site permissions? 


I know it takes up to 4 hours for permissions to sync out and the users I am testing with did gain access to alle sites in the HUB after some time. 


There is however issues with seeing news for this user, since news on the main site cannot be viewed by my test user. The test user is only seeing this:



I know for a fact there are news posts available and if the users navigates to the site pages library and clicks on one of these news, it will be displayed fine for the users, so it doesn’t seem to be a permissions issue.


What the user however cant do, is returning any search results for any of these news or any other content for that matter, but the user can search for people and that works fine, so I am thinking the News web parts is leveraging search to fetch content, which would explain why the users cant see the content that should be on this web part and also why content search does not work for this user.


Search and news works fine for others users that are not added via HUB sync permissions.

Any idea what to do here?

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I am not familiar with this issue, however, just to make sure... Have you configured the web part to fetch information from all sites in the hub?

Hey @ArefHalmstrand,


Thank you for replying.


I did configure that, but I have come think of something else.

Is there a licens requirement that could be in play here? The user can log on to SPO and navigate on all sites in the HUB, but I am wondering if the search part of this could be licens related.


@miclarsen1 I have often shared a hub site to external users, with unique access to specific sites. Allowing them to have dynamic content on the hub site. It should not (AFAIK) be license related, due to Microsoft allowing indefinite users to be invited to the SharePoint environment. Is there any possibility that the "news page" that is created in another site, has not been promoted to a news page? Perhaps it is visible as a regular page and therefore, not visible in the web part?


What web part are you using for the moment? Try adding the "highlighted content" web part and see if you can get it to show in there.

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand

Hi @ArefHalmstrand ,


As it turned out, the problem was in fact solved by adding a licens to the user. 


But thank you for the input anyway.

@miclarsen1 Thank you for the update! :) So unlicensed guest users are not able to read content from other sites connected to the hub? Even though they have the permissions required on each site?