HTML Links stopped working

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Hello All,


As our Members wanted a Page with lots of Information we wanted to use an Accordion Layout so that it's easier to find the Information needed without having to Scroll as much, as this Function currently isn't available OOTB in the modern Pages, we used the old Style in which we added a Script Editor Web Part and configured it with HTML.

For the Links we did it normally with the <href="url">link text</a> Function which worked fine for us.


Just today we got the Update that some Link isn't working correctly anymore, after checking it the Problem is with all the Links that when clicking on it, the URL it takes you is the Site you are on and then it just adds the URL you entered in HTML behind it in Quotes, this is basically how it looks: https://Site/"URL/" 


So now we'd like to know if there were any changes done that this Issue appears and how to fix it as the HTML Setup doesn't change.

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