How to view site sizes in Modern SharePoint online




In order to view site sizes in classic SharePoint online, I used to go to:


We have migrated probably half our sites to modern sites, and now when I visit that link, none of the modern sites are showing up, even though they're all structured like: site 


I tried adding "sites" into the old link, but that got me a 404 Page Not Found error. I can go to Storage Metrics on each individual modern site, but that doesn't show me everything in aggregate so I can compare sizes across my collection.


Where should I be going to view aggregated site sizes of all my new modern sites? 


Thank you!

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The _layouts/storman.aspx page is still accessible from modern sites. In your case links like below should work just fine:


If you previously created all your sites as subsite under the storman.aspx page would indeed have shown storage metrics for all subsites underneath. Modern sites are all separate site collections so you can only use storman.aspx on a per-site basis.


By default an aggregated view is only available from the SharePoint Admin Center, the new Admin Center which is currently rolling out also shows modern sites here


Hope this helps

@Paul Pascha Super userful, thanks!